Place an external number in a queue

Hello all,

I was reading other post like:

The begin this instructions I get to forward the call when the call come from internal, but when the call come from IVR(External) or DID (incoming route to ext), the call not come is rejected as busy or not availaible.

My case:

Asterisk: Asterisk 11.25.3
Freepbx: FreePBX
Centos: 6

In my configuration i have configured the outbound routes with extension filter like this:

Then i create a phantom extension or real extension with “follow me” settings, both cases work when the call come from other extensions because I customized the caller ID, then when do the forward match with the outbound rules and work as well; my issue is when the call come from IVR (with destination a phantom extension) or Income route (did number) to this extension, it not work.

My intenttion is use a external phone number as queue member, if I add directly the number in the queue how can I specify the callerID or the outbound route to use to call?

Thank you very much.

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