411 Feature code not in list

I have been upgrading from a 32-bit system to a 64-bit one. Almost everything has gone well. Today I tried to use the 411 dial by name feature and I get the “Your call can not be completed as dialled” message. I looked in the list of feature codes and it is not there. It was fine in my 32-bit system. I used the backup and restore process to upgrade.

Asterisk 16.24.0; FreePBX 16.0.19

I found this topic:

The mysql entries mentioned look the same as in my case i.e. the presence of the NULL field.


Hi Bill
just to tell you that I have not found a solution. :disappointed:

Does anyone know how to restore missing feature codes?


Under Module Admin, are Phonebook and Phonebook Directory installed? If they are, what if you uninstall and reinstall those modules?

Thank you for that. I have a Phonebook module but no Phonebook Directory. That module does not appear in the list of modules; where do I find it?


are you using the FreePBX distro? You should be able to search under standard, commercial, extended and I would expect it to show up there. It may be the path you are on (32 upgrade to 64) is the problem, I have only ever done fresh installs of the distro.

@lgaetz do you think running yum from SSH would produce a different result?

Yes, it’s the FreePBX distro.

I selected standard, commercial and extended, did a check for updates but Phonebook Directory did not appear.

Just to be absolutely clear - I had a working 32-bit system, installed a 64-bit on different hardware and then used the restore process to configure the new system with a backup of the old as advised here. I reported at the time that the Asterisk address book didn’t restore correctly but that was easily fixed using the export/import function of the address book.

Perhaps there’s a clue there somewhere?


Is there a way to install this feature code without rebuilding the system again from scratch and manually setting everything up? Can I install from the command line?

I would appreciate some guidance please.


Try fwconsole ma downloadinstall pbdirectory

Thanks for the thought. Here’s what happened:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall pbdirectory
No repos specified, using: [standard,extended,commercial] from last GUI settings

Downloading module 'pbdirectory'
The following error(s) occured:
 - Retrieved Module XML Was Empty

The module has not appeared in the list even after a refresh and system reboot. However, it looks like you’re on the right track.


I’m considering making a fresh install, perhaps on another machine, checking that the 411 feature code is installed and then restoring from a backup.

Is this worth a try?


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I am trying to reproduce this. I am attempting to create a new PJSIP extension with 411, but it doesn’t allow me to do so.

How did you create that extension?

Also, what’s the output of:

asterisk -x"dialplan show [email protected]" | pastebin


asterisk -rx "dialplan show [email protected]" | pastebin

would be more catholic

I did that. The result is here:


I’m afraid that it means little to me. I hope it helps.


I have no extension 411. I believe that it is the standard feature code for accessing the Asterisk phonebook via a search for the first few letters of the name. I used it extensively in the past because I have hundreds of phonebook entries and it doesn’t make sense to have speed dials for them all.


Sorry, I got confused with the post you linked in your first post.

What’s the output of

mysql -e "select * from asterisk.featurecodes where modulename='pbdirectory'"

(Please post it in preformatted text)

How did you do that? Perhaps that can shed some light here.

Sorry that I confused you. The output of the SQL query is:

modulename	featurename	description	helptext	defaultcode	customcode	enabled	providedest
pbdirectory	app-pbdirectory	Phonebook dial-by-name directory		411	NULL	1	1

How did you do that? Perhaps that can shed some light here.

I asked about the best way to do it here:

and followed the advice.


Looking back at that thread, one of the comments was:

One issue I’ve had converting 32 to 64 bit using backup and restore is the asterisk modules. You will have to go in and change the modules directory from




I’m not absolutely sure I did that. I thought I understood but may not have done.


In desperation, I thought I would try restoring the backup from my main machine (FreePBX v16) to a test one that I set up some time ago. It runs v15 so I thought it wise to make a clean install from the v16 ISO before trying. After the installation I discovered that the 411 feature code was not present! It was there in the V15 system I had before.

Is this just me or has 411 been removed from v16? If it has, is it intentional or will it be restored in a future update?


OK, I see whats going on here.

Per this post pbdirectory has been deprecated since v13.

From what it looks like to me, pbdirectory, is the one that has enabled the 411 feature code.

The way around it, is to create a Misc Application


[[email protected] ~]# asterisk -x"dialplan show [email protected]"
[ Included context 'app-miscapps' created by 'pbx_config' ]
  '411' =>          1. Noop(Running miscapp 13: Dial By Name Directory) [extensions_additional.conf:2716]
                    2. Macro(user-callerid,)                      [extensions_additional.conf:2717]
                    3. Goto(directory,2,1)                        [extensions_additional.conf:2718]

(cc @bpechey @marcm)

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