411 Pbdirectory lost


I created an extension nr 411.
I lost the 411 directory functionality. Not in the feature codes anymore even after removing the 411 extension.
How do I get it back.

I may avoid having a 411 extension if necessary or, better, set any other number for pbdirectory.

Where should I look ?


No one ? :disappointed:

You don’t see that feature code in the Feature Codes module at all?

Nothing between Parking and Queues.

Whats the output of:

mysql -e "select * from asterisk.featurecodes where modulename='pbdirectory'"

mysql -e “select * from asterisk.featurecodes where modulename=‘pbdirectory’”
| modulename | featurename | description | helptext | defaultcode | customcode | enabled | providedest |
| pbdirectory | app-pbdirectory | Phonebook dial-by-name directory | | 411 | NULL | 1 | 1 |

and on an other server where 411 is OK:
| pbdirectory | app-pbdirectory | Phonebook dial-by-name directory | | 411 | | 1 | 1 |

The only difference here is the NULL one, and I have no idea under which column it belongs… Can you please format the text properly or send a clear screenshot?


NULL is in “customcode” field.

I tried with “UPDATE asterisk.featurecodes SET customcode =’’ WHERE modulename=‘pbdirectory’”

No luck. Tables look now identical in both systems but feature code is still missing.

I built a brand new VM

PBX Version: 16.0.17
PBX Distro: 12.7.8-2202-2.sng7
Asterisk Version: 18.6.0

I’m still missing pbdirectory.
Did pbdirectory disappeared in Freepbx16 or Asterisk 18 ?

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