Zulu - SoftPhone


FreePBX/Asterisk 13
Zulu Windows 7 Client 2.0.27

We were looking into Zulu as a potential softphone for our Contact Center. I followed the wiki and have the server and client up and connected, but I cannot make or receive calls. It looks like this is because the extension that I built for this Zulu user is not registered anywhere.

I thought I read that Zulu could be used as a softphone without a physical extension. I do notice, when I sign into the Zulu client, I appear to be missing the softphone button. I have softphone enabled for the user, but I haven’t been able to find any other troubleshooting steps.

My goal is to just have softphones for several hundred of our users.

Can anyone get me pointed in the right direction? I saw a similar post, but it didn’t resolve my issue.

Thanks for your help!

I tried this on ou FreePBX/Asterisk 14 and switched the windows client to the beta channel, but I am not seeing the soft phone option. Soft phone is enabled at the Zulu user level. Any ideas?

Little more progress…

I found the Zulu client logs. I see:
January 3rd 2018, 6:35:38 am - debug: WebRTC is not enabled, UI will not show Softphone

I take it WebRTC needs to be enabled, which it is. I am using the default certificate, which I don’t think I could do if I was going to use the WebRTC phone in UPC. So I am in the process of requesting a new certificate for my server.

Does anyone know if I am on the right path?

Bump for any ideas?

  • WebRTC is enabled for this user.
  • I can make and receive calls via Phone in UCP (on the same computer Zulu is installed on).
  • Softphone is enabled for the user on the Zulu tab.
  • There are no ports being blocked between the computer I am on and the PBX subnets.

Everything else on Zulu works. I have contacts, I have chat, I can originate calls, just no softphone. The log continues to show:

WebRTC is not enabled, UI will not show Softphone

I have a meeting today where I would really like to demonstrate this tool as a potential option, but I can’t without the softphone.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Have gone a different way with other softphone options. Will try Zulu 3 when it is out.

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