Zulu and iSymphony?

Has anyone out there been able to get Zulu softphone to work with iSymphony?

I don’t understand why Bria works fine but not Zulu

In what way?

It doesn’t recognize the softphone as being connected. That status never changes and I cannot barge a call of a zulu softphone user. Also I cannot use a zulu softphone extension to barge another call. Bria softphone works just like a physical phone with iSymphony.

Bria is a SIP client, and Zulu is a WebRTC client, there are fundamental differences between them. Zulu also uses pjsip exclusively, Bria can use either driver. I don’t know the internal workings of iSymphony as to how it enumerates registered devices, and the lack of response hints that others don’t either. Your question needs to go to iSymphony.

The issue here is iSymphony I think with how they wrote the module in FreePBX only understands the primary extension not additional devices belonging to the same user. You would need to talk with iSymphony on changing there module to look to all devices that belong to the user not just the main device.

This makes total sense! Thanks Tony

Yes! It does work. You just need to point the extension in iSymphony to the Zulu PJSIP extension, not the primary PJSIP extension.

Inside of iSymphony admin panel:
Phone System -> Extensions. Find the Zulu extension and edit.
Change the Peer value to match the actual Zulu PJSIP extension. Example:
If your Peer value is set to: PJSIP/77228, you would change it to PJSIP/9077228
Save and now it works.

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