Zoiper 5 presence doesn't work

Few Zoiper5 pro clients registered on freepbx
Blf works as expected
Presence state is supported by Zoiper using SIP SIMPLE ,
I tried to register clients using PJSIP as well SIP extension but no way to make presence to work.
Any suggestion ? Is freepbx compatible with third parti clients presence ?

i’ve also got some zoipers on freepbx, and have blf presence and chat working, but am wondering the same about presence.
for me it does not matter if you have 10 states in zoiper and can only make them either “available” or “unavailable”.

i just wonder if we can use freepbx/asterisk to relay the presence to the other zoipers (and in doing so, can set the extension state to DND )
so… i am following this to see if someone can shed a light

First of all we must know if various presence states are all standards or proprietary to zoiper.
They talk about use of SIP SIMPLE protocol presence (that wouldn’t be a problem in freepbx).

And… just realized that SIP SIMPLE is not referred to non-pjsip but
SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions … :rofl:

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