Yum update Transaction check error HyperV

Hi all, I have inherited a FreePX install running on Hyper-V which is a long way behind on system updates.
Yum update gives:
Transaction check error:
file /usr/sbin/lsvmbus from install of hyperv-tools-0-0.34.20180415git.el7.noarch conflicts with file from package microsoft-hyper-v-4.2.4-20180222.x86_64

I’ve tried: yum clean, yum-complete-transaction, package-cleanup --dupes, package-cleanup --cleandupes
with no joy

I’m not a unix admin…
Any thought on how to fix this one?

That looks like someone manually added Microsoft’s Hyper-V integration tools in the past. Those have almost never been required for CentOS.

Page 10 of the install PDF has the uninstall instructions.

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