"You are connecting to a server with a low re-registration time"

We’re rolling out Zoiper as a softphone solution. One user with an iPhone is getting the following warning when using the push notifications setting:

“You are connecting to a server with a low re-registration time” etc.

I can’t find a place in FreePBX to adjust this. Also, is there a way to increase the registration time for individual extensions?

Thanks and happy Friday!

The first place to change it is in the phone. At the Asterisk end you can try to limit the range of the negotiated value with maximum_expiration and minimum_expiration, but, in the end it is the phone that is proposing the short expiration, and it may or may not honour a minimum expiration that is higher than its offer.

Assumes you are using the supported SIP channel driver.

On further checking, it seems that it is optional for the phone to suggest a time, but the Asterisk and protocol default is 3600 seconds, so something must have overridden it. I suppose it is just possible that FreePBX does, because the normal problem is NAT and dynamic firewall rules timing out.

The maximum and minimum values are set in the GUI as described in Extensions Module - PJSIP Extension - PBX GUI - Documentation

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