Yealink w52p SIP via WAN won't register


I’m having some issues getting a SIP extension to register via WAN on a Yealink W52p

I have forwarded ports 5060-5080 (Currently using port 5075) and 10000-20000.

The extension will register internally and I can register the same extension with the same details and settings on a softphone via the same WAN connection.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m out of ideas!

Softphone (for testing): Zoiper

I assume this is a cloud hosted pbx, correct? you are putting the :5075 at the end of the address? You are sure sip password is correct?

The PBX is on-prem and port forwarded.

The W52P has a field for the port, but yes, I have changed the port on the phone.
I can register using the same details (user and password) using a softphone.

What are the Asterisk logs during the registration process of the Yealink?
You can see the logs in Reports > Asterisk Logfiles.

Generally if I have this error I find that it is a password issue. Could it be a character limit situation? Try a simple password between the pbx/phone and see if that works. Also, as peyre stated in his reply check the asterisk logfiles. that would show a password mismatch as well if that is indeed the case.

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