Yealink T54W Experiences

Does anyone have experience with Yealink’s T54W set?

I am trying to set one up with FreePBX. I had it briefly set up back in March but ended up factory resetting it. Since then I have never been able to get it connected. The web interface is missing settings for setting up the SIP account.

I set one of the keys up for zero touch provisioning. I entered the information for the server in there and the phone seems to see the server and get settings from it (I saw the phone gets its extension 6543 and sets the phone screen background to what I have set in Endpoint Manager). However, it pretty quickly goes into “Firmware Update” and sits there for a long time trying to download it. I left it as long as a week and a half and it still was just sitting there. I’ve tried updating from USB and TFTP as well, all with no luck. Getting any support from Yealink is like pulling teeth too. It had been three months since I heard from them before I finally got something out of the blue.

I’m not sure if it means anything and, if so, what it means, but I do see this in the Asterisk log files:

Please confirm the firmware version on this phone currently and the version you are trying to upgrade to.

There is a known issue with this model’s firmware updates depending on what version the phone is currently running. If you are running on any of the 96.84 firmware, you first need to update your firmware to, then from there to the newest one. If you try to straight upgrade to any version newer than then it gets stuck during the upgrade process.

Well, it finally stopped trying to do the endless loop of firmware updating. I do see it’s at Super afraid to touch it again in fear of it beginning its loop again, but I suppose I probably should so it’s up to date. Will poke around tomorrow to see what I can do. So far can’t update from the USB drive (it’s formatted as FAT32 and I have the files named properly per Yealink) or TFTP (files in the /tftpboot folder and properly named as well.

It all stemmed from when I did a factory reset and lost a lot of the things that it should have on the web interface page. Like for example, it says I should be able to upgrade the firmware from the web via Settings → Upgrade, but I don’t have that option under Settings.

You need recovery-specific files if you’re going to try and do a TFTP restore. Yealink has a whole KB article about it, and it is admittedly a pain in the ass because they have like 3 different versions of the recovery software to try.

I haven’t seen the missing Upgrade option before, but you should definitely upgrade the firmware to before doing anything else. You should be able to perform this through the remote configuration.

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