Yealink phones think they're busy


We’re running FreePBX and have a mixed network of Yealink T48G and Sangoma handsets. Two of our Yealink phones no longer ring when calls come in; they go straight to “missed call” while the other handsets in the office are ringing. My sysadmin tells me that those two extensions show as busy before taking off for vacation. I have confirmed that DND is not on for either extension (by dialing *79 from both affected handsets.)

I’m a competent UNIX developer but not particularly savvy about Asterisk or FreePBX. How can I troubleshoot what’s going on?

[[ Frank ]]

Probably you already did but have you checked the “local” DND feature of the phone? Those phones have a DND button that enables the feature locally on the phone, which as far as I understand is independent from the asterisk DND feature.

You are exactly correct and that was our problem. We missed that the DND on the phone was different from the DND on the PBX. Thanks!