Yealink phones delay dialing and answering

I’m running FreePBX and have a number Yealink phones that are all having the same problem.
My other phones are fine.
When you dial a number it takes several seconds before the call starts rings, and likewise when a call comes in the phone rings but takes several seconds after you pick up the receiver before the call is connected.
Firmware on the phones is

Anybody come across this problem, and more to the point, short of replacing the Yealinks, does anybody have a solution to the problem.

Both your FreePBX version and Yealink firmware are highly outdated. Updating would be the first suggestion as these issues may have already been resolved.

I plan on leasing a new Virtual machine in the new year and to load the latest asterisk and FreePBX on to that, but the firmware on the phones (T26P) is the latest available from Yealink.
Maybe I should go back to an old firmware, if available, and try that as they used to work when first put on the system.

You can try, but I doubt it will help. The T38 was horrible about this, and that is the same generation.

As suspected downgrading the phones didn’t help. Looks likely that I will need to get the new version of FreePBX loaded on the new system ASAP.

The problem is coming back on newer firmware versions like V83 and V84, at least on T2x phones that aren’t EOL., e.g. on my T23G phones.
Slow to dial and ring.
There is also a delay when entering digits, it takes 2 seconds or so for the phone to react, which confuses people. A reboot temporarily improves the situation.

I find the firmware that works best for them is V81.

I suspect it has to do with the T23G being at the very low end of CPU and RAM, they can’t handle the new features being added which each release, V84 is terrible in that regard.
The T4x phones are all fine.

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