*xxxx transfer fails unless we wait 4seconds

Hello everyone,
Whenever we try to do a transfer to voicemail using:
Transfer + * xxxx + Send + (4second wait time) Transfer

we get “transfer failed” message unless we wait for about 4 seconds before hitting that last Transfer soft key. Unfortunately, by then extension/voicemail greeting is already playing and it sounds strange for the caller to be thrown into voicemail mid greeting.

Can this be remedied by adding some kind of delay or something before the message plays?

We are ruining of FreePBX with Polycom 550/330 phones.

Thanks for your time.

Anyone has suggestions?


That is an old version of FreePBX.

Did this just start happening?

Where there any recent changes that could be causing this issue?

Hi Alan,
Thanks for jumping in. For the most part we let the Time Conditions and IVRs handle the routing. The only recent change would be that we got a live receptionist handling inbound calls (no changes to routes just the phone ring tone was turned up) and actually using this feature so this makes it a ‘new’ issue for us.

I am aware that is bit dated but if it is not broke…

Thanks again.