XMPP TLS support

Does anyone know why TLS is not supported for the XMPP module? I see multiple users have been able to get this to work:


A feature request was even put in; but was simply closed as “wont fix” - [FREEPBX-17354] add encryption config for xmpp to gui - Sangoma Issue Tracker

Any idea if this feature is coming? Without it, XMPP is rendered pretty useless. With all traffic able to be sniffed on the network, I don’t see much use for the module to exist. Even in non-critical environments, technical security standards require at least some level of information protection to be in place.

hi, there seems to be no interest on the dev team side to change this. I ended up using Openfire instead…worked well

Xmpp was switched over to being community maintained 3 or 4 years ago. Features and bugfixes are all patches welcome. If you want a feature in this module you will need to submit a patch through the normal development process

Thank you

Forgive me is I am mistaken; but is that not what this is? - [FREEPBX-17354] add encryption config for xmpp to gui - Sangoma Issue Tracker

No. The features request contains an example of the required output, but it does not contain the code changes that would actually achieve that output.

Thanks for clarifying.

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