Xmpp encryption

hi, i am setting up xmpp and I can get it to work with several clients if I disable encryption on the client. As this is not ideal, can anyone tell me if it is possible to enable encryption on freepbx xmpp and if so how?


This is not possible

andrew, i see that you are packaging letschat and i see that letschat does support encryption. i know that you do not support it, but is there any problem with me editing /var/www/html/admin/modules/xmpp/node/node_modules/lets-chat/settings.yml and enabling encryption?

also, how do i restart letschat without restarting asterisk?


As far as I know enabling encryption will break freepbx xmpp login.

andrew, sorry if this is a ignorant question, but what does one have to do with the other?

You use freepbx usermanager credentials to login to xmpp. Changing this setting will break freepbx login into xmpp as far as I am aware because the password will be passed to the internal services encrypted when it needs to be plaintext.

humm, ok, thanks for the clarification. btw, how do you restart letschat? is it possible to restart it without restarting asterisk?

fwconsole stop xmpp && fwconsole start xmpp

fyi, i tested this out by making the following changes to the settings.yml file

enable: false
port: 5000
enable: true
port: 5001
key: /etc/asterisk/keys/mkey.key
cert: /etc/asterisk/keys/mycert.crt
enable: true
port: 5222
roomCreation: true
enable: true
key: /etc/asterisk/keys/mykey.key
cert: /etc/asterisk/keys/mycert.crt
handled: true
unhandled: true

i am able to login, with both https and xmpp(encrypted)


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Sounds like it’s time for a feature request. If your testing is correct, getting encryption on the XMPP server to work should be relatively simple (even if overkill).


fyi, i don’t think it is overkill, when auth is linked to ldap, you have your users ldap creds are flying around encrypted.

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