XMPP server in FreePBX Distro - how to make it listen on IPv4?

We have decided to try employing FreePBX’s module “XMPP server” for intra-org instant messaging, and have found out that it does not listen on port 5222/tcp, but listens on 5222/tcp6. I haven’t found a config entry to make it listen on ipv4 in /var/www/html/admin/modules/xmpp/node/node_modules/lets-chat/settings.yml (it only has “port” and “domain” entries passed to node-xmpp-server), so I went mad and tried to disable IPv6 everywhere - wow, no wai, netstat -nlp still shows letschat listening on “::” instead of either or an interface. How to make this piece of software obey OS restrictions and either first try creating a socket on ipv4, or just forget about ipv6?

Good luck. The only things that the FreePBX XMPP server are set up for are Presence Management. I don’t know of anyone that has ever gotten it to work for general purpose Jabber…


No? Plenty of people use it for general purpose jabber and plenty have spoken about this here. You even commented on a few of those threads.

I stand corrected.

No. This says browser chat, and why should I make people run browser (with a potentially insecure backend) just for chat? I asked how to make XMPP server listen on ipv4, browser HTTP port already listens on ipv4.

Maybe you direct me there, or maybe they have set up ipv6 for that chat… I need ipv4, transition to ipv6 is out of question, as our ISP blocks ipv6 in their network and I need my XMPP server available from elsewhere but local network.


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