XMPP Presence with Bria/Stretto FreePBX 15

I have a customer who wants to use Bria Enterprise as a softphone. We provisionned the settings via the Stretto console, everything works fine regarding the phone calls (including encryption) but I can’t find a way to make the “presence” work (XMPP).

I have searched the forum and Google. Some people say it works but I can’t find a working configuration.
I installed the XMPP module but I think that I need more than that. I will continue searching but I’m trying my luck here in case someone knows the magic answer !

Here’s a link of a thread where it seems to work, but there is no info on the required configuration: Bria Teams with Freepbx 14 / Chat + Presence

Thanks in advance ! I know I don’t give a lot of information, I’ve never worked with XMPP so I’m not even sure what I should look for.

I just saw this: “requires the Prosody RPM from your PBX be installed.”
I will look into that

Ok I think I found something: the Bria Enterprise Licences are “Basic” and they do not include Presence and chat. So I think that this function is disabled on the software side and it’s not related at all to FreePBX… I’m starting to wonder why the customer is not using Bria Teams, which is cheaper and does include the Presence feature.

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