Bria Teams with Freepbx 14 / Chat + Presence


I want to use XMPP client of Bria Teams to chat and monitor presence of other users / endpoints registred to my Freepbx 14 / Asterisl 13.

I create users and enable XMPP in user management. Each user is linked to one extension.

What have I to configure in Freepbx ?
What have I to configure in Bria Teams ?

Thank guys

Bria Teams doesnt allow external XMPP. Only internal bria teams chat. If you get the standard bria it does have xmpp but they might be doing away with that to push bria solo.

I use Bria Enterprise with Stretto provisionning. I can define any XMPP server I want.

I tested today sending SIP Messages between Bria and Yealink phones. It works.

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