Wireless internet suggestions

I have a customer in a rural area with only a T1 for data now. The carrier is charging $500+ a month for this “Service”. They are going to raise the rates soon. There are no “wire” services available or even fiber. So My alternative is going wireless. I got a T Mobile home internet gateway to try. I got a good signal and decent speed, but TMobile blocks VoIP ports. So back it went. I have seen Netgear LTE modems on Amazon. They are supposed to be able to connect to TMobile and ATT. I am assuming that I get a Data only SIM and go for it?? Can any of you out there chime in and voice an opinion on what you have used and if it is viable? He has about 5 phones through a grandstream ATA and a few PCs.

@Crosstalk @tonyclewis have you done voip over starlink?

Voice over Starlink has been awesome and perfect for me at my cottage in Northern WI. Prior to Starlink I had 768K DSL. What a amazing different and saving grace Starlink has been. My average plotted Ping Time is 22MS and my download speeds are well over 100M and Upload is over 15M. I have had no issues at all using voice with my CIP270 phones, Clearly Anywhere for iPhone or just plan Wifi calling with my carrier over my iPhone with Starlink.

ipv6 inbound routing ?

I’ve only tested with a single phone, so my results are anecdotal - but it worked fine for me.

We had a customer however who had multiple phones behind a Starlink connection and had a bitch of a time with call quality and drops.

I have only tested with 2 phones. What I can say is some users of starlink get CGNAT and others do not. With CGNAT I had to use a VPN service to keep my phones connected but once I got a real IP and not CGNAT I have not had that issue.

T-Mobile Home Internet blocks plain SIP over UDP only. This topic has come up on a few forums and I did some testing to verify. Re: [General] FreePBX Behind Tmobile 5G Gateway (Is It Possible?) - VOIP Tech Chat | DSLReports Forums

It is trivial to set up TCP transport with FreePBX and a few more steps to set up TLS. Alternatively, you could set up a VPN. Wireguard and OpenVPN work over the TMHI. You have many options for VoIP with that ISP so it is not correct to say that VoIP is blocked.

We can’t get Starlink here yet. My customer has signed up tho.

What about signing up for their new RV service. I know a lot of people who have signed up for that and get a spot right away as it does not require a open spot in the cell to get service anymore.

I live in a city and lost wired internet for few days due to construction hitting the main cable, I used my phone hotspot to connect the internet to the main firewall / router. I was able to run three laptops, two
VoIP phones and stream live TV.

That’s with Starlink? I’ll look into that thanks Tony

Our whole area is on the waitlist, most of lower MIchigan

I guess I didn’t think outside the box to far. I have to deal with a Grandstream 8 port ATA. It is old and I don’t have remote access to it. The situation is such that they are using old desk phones that can take a beating. They are a foundry and a plastic extrusion company.

I have 2 rural clients running s705’s with no problem for over a year on Tmobile…dont use their SBI /Home Internet Gateway. Just purchase a Data plan(100GB $50/month) or 300GB $75/month and put the SIM in a Inseego or Pepwave modem/router… i love the FG2000 and FW2000…

Has anyone used one of these?? Peplink MAX BR1 Mini LTEA.

No…but ive been using a Peplink Max Transit 5G for a year at 2 clients with T-Mobile 100GB $50/month plan

I don’t have 5G there that’s why I was asking about the MAX BR1. Basically the Peplink line is trustworthy and reliable ?

Yes but they were deceptive on throughput…could only get 140Mbps on 5G even though they claim 1.5Gbps throughput.

After support ticket and engineering…they came back and side thats only through Wired LAN…i sont use them anymore, I use Inseego and they have been excellent…i get over 700Mbps on 5G on the Inseego…

They all work on 4G LTE as well…i have no experience on 4G only devices…both companies are well known in the industry…Ill stick with Inseego myself

Thanks for that info. I am also looking at the initial outlay of $ for my customer. Now that I know a little about what to look for it seems there is a crapton of these devices out there. I saw one for as little as $65! and others that are way up there.

Hey @edlentz once you got it all sorted out, please update us on how everything worked out. Thanks