Windows Desktop caller ID?

Hellp, I was curious if it is possible to display a person caller ID on my windows desktop to see who is calling without having to get up all the time and go into the room to the phone to see who is calling?


Most any softphone should do it. If you don’t want to actually use the softphone to make or answer calls, there is usually a setting that will avoid foregrounding the app when a call comes in, showing only the popup. When the call is answered elsewhere or abandoned, the popup disappears.

In MicroSIP, the setting is “Bring to Front on Incoming Call” (on by default, uncheck for your use case).

Hello, what I’m trying to do is store a caller ID and the extension it went to into a MySQL database and to display it on my desktop through an app or webpage. I don’t need to see anything else or storing or using any other function. It’s more if I’m not there or another room then my phone.

Is your PBX on your LAN? If so, check Admin → CID Superfecta → “Send to URL”. You can send CID data to any listening webserver, CRM, etc or write a script.

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You can see who is calling who on desktop softphone (it may be another, limited account) with BLF remote identity display. I’m not sure though if asterisk sends remote identity for internal calls though. It works for incoming external calls, but does not work for outgoing, see BLF display called Number on Outgoing calls (notify).

I’m trying to store the incoming calls and what extension they go to in a database that is all.


Hello, Thank you. I know nothing about CRM. I never had one or used one. I can make a php script to listen and the database but that is all. Not even sure what strings itneeds to send on. Also Yes the freepbx server is on lan. It’s in my home.


Check the help for Send to URL. You can definitely pass the name and number to PHP. I haven’t used it on my current PBX, but it’s still got the notification URL from my old one.


Thank you i will give it a try as soon as I get out of the Hosptia. i’m here with my father. I haven’t had time to try or test anything for over a week. Sorry for the late reply.


No worry. I don’t work here (barely work anywhere atm). I just remembered it was pretty easy to generate CID popups in PHP with ‘Send to URL’ (without hacking/extending any of the freepbx source), so I hope it’s useful to you :slight_smile:

Also hope you and/or your father heal well :slight_smile:

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