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BLF display called Number on Outgoing calls (notify)

(Comfine GmbH) #1

Hello! While BLF is working fine on extensions that receiving a call and we can see the number, that is calling the extension (while this is sent via SIP Package “Request: NOTIFY” in XML format within ) we can’t get this information on extensions that do an outgoing call. it would be nice if asterisk would send a notify message with the called number on extensions, that do an outgoing call! is this possible somehow, and if so, how? is there a solution for freePBX already and i didn’t find it?
i thought, maybe this can be done with sip_notify_custom.conf, but have no idea how and didn’t find any information that could lead to the wahted behavier.

(Tom Ray) #2

That’s not really how BLF, overall, is designed. The whole reason you get that on an inbound call is for things like Call Pickup. So that you can look at that inbound call meant for Person A and if they can’t pick it up, you can.

When they are making an outbound, there isn’t a concern about who they are calling because you can’t do anything with that call. It will just show that their device is IN_USE.

(Dave Burgess) #3

@BlazeStudios is correct, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t come up with a way to do it. With the exception of the Commercial Modules, the entire system is Open Source. You have to technology to make the “hints” for the system work almost any way you want.

(Tom Ray) #4

Sure, it will require re-writing the code of Asterisk for its NOTIFY logic. Chan_SIP has notifyringing <-- Send when in a RINGING state, notifyhold <-- Notify when HOLD state, notifycid <-- Send the CallerID with incoming calls. Chan_PJSIP has notify_early_inuse_ringing which is a combo of all of the Chan_SIP options.

Again, sending things like CallerID and the caller information are meant for incoming calls for the exact reasons I stated before. What is the benefit of my phone displaying the destination CallerID that Person A is calling? What does that do for me? Why would you want to make my phone alert me that Person A is making an outbound call and to where? That interrupts my own work flow because now I’m looking at outbound calls that mean nothing to me thinking they could be incoming calls.

Also what happens when an incoming call comes into that line? Now I have alerts popping up on my phone for both incoming and outgoing calls so now I have to filter through each alert and figure out which one is the incoming call to Person A to pick up vs an outgoing call from Person A that I cannot do anything with.

So what is the point of this? What is the end result you’re trying to get to?

(Comfine GmbH) #5

Hey Tom,

thank you for your thoughts regarding my question.
I thought, there could be a way to use sip_notify_custom.conf for that purpose, but rewriting the asterisk-core is much more work than i can spend for this nice-to-have-feature.

You asked what would be the benefit, i can answer it very simple (and detailed ;-)): In daily use of our freePBX/Phones it happens often, that i want to know to whom my colleges are talking. why? we are up to 8 persons sitting in the same room, and we are listening to each other while colleges are talking to customers - so, very often it is important to know to whom a college is speaking, to be able to decide if we need to tell him something regarding this customer and this call. so, if my phone does not show this information, i need to interrupt the college that is talking to a customer, to ask him to whom he is speaking (or i could walk arround the desk to his place and check the display of his phone, but thats not what i want - i am doing sports after work! ;-)) …and of course, i dont want to interrupt him if it is not necessary. while BLF can display the actual state of an extension, and also the number of incoming calls, our softphone shows now the caller’s name (or at least the number) in early-state and in confirmed state on incoming calls, which is really useful, not only for pickup-scenarios! …but if a college is dialing out, i dont see the called party, what is sad and what i would like to change, if there’s a way to do it without huge amount of work. :slight_smile:

by the way, this information does not interrupts my own workflow as it is just a quiet information, some pixels changing on my monitor, and i can only check it if i need it! :slight_smile:

if somebody is talking already, and then a second call comes in to that line, of course, the best solution would be, that i see both, who’s talking already, and, who’s calling the extension, that is busy already.

endresult: i have a display, where i can see all connections, regardless if its inbound or outbound and regardless which state the call is on.
in the screen you can see, i dont see information on extension “Andi” and “Mobil” because this are outbound calls…

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