Why is a girl photoshopped into the picture of the server cabinets on the community page?

Uh, guys - that pic you have on the front page - you forgot to photoshop in her reflection when you photoshopped her in.

Report a bug: issues.freepbx.org :wink:

Or link to the website you are talking about

Here is a screenshot of the website I’m talking about Andrew - for clarity I circled the image

Two equally plausible explanations:

  • In the spirit of the season, this is an Easter egg left for sharp eyed forum users to discover, or …
  • She exists in a hellish purgatory halfway between life and death and casts no reflection (like most of us working in IT)

In either case, no bug report is required.


I’m closing this thread as it really border lines on trolling. It’s a marketing image in a marketing post that you can close and move on and it won’t show up ever again.

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