PJSIP vs CHAN_SIP feature and functional parity

I’m not “pretending”. I am informing you that sip and pjsip are the same in that they follow the SIP RFC implementation(s), again, They follow the SIP RFC. You stated that PJSIP is a different implementation.

That is simply not true. Please remember that you started this thread because you have an issue with me stating why we are supporting pjsip. Which is because digium (now sangoma) has dropped support for chan sip. When I responded to this thread I thanked you for your opinions and doubled down on backing pjsip. I next stated that PJSIP is not a “superset of the more traditional SIP implementations”. Because that is 100% not true. I’m only here giving facts. I have never once said (in this thread) or pretended that there are no issues in PJSIP.

I. Never. Said. This.

Where? You have not offered that up at all in this thread.

I looked through all 31 posts you’ve made on this forum and I don’t see you offering that anywhere. Your first post ever in this forum was about how one of our marketing images did not have the reflection of the lady at a rack in the racks reflection.

I’ve kindly asked you to stop making up information (that I said something I did not, or that PJSIP is “a superset of the more traditional SIP implementations” to push your own agenda (which is I assume “chan_sip” is better than “pjsip”).

Who, in this thread, has screamed at you? Even once?

I’ll leave you with this…