Why I can’t link Linphone with my PBX?


You’ll have to have more knowlege on the vps solutions, because with an VPN you always have to route your VOIP Stuff. This can sometimes be tricky if you’re doing NAT or so.

So start learning the basics about Virtualbox, Networking, Voip,…
Everything else is just a waste of time for you and for us

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Ok, so isn’t there a good site that will gather everything there is to learn about what you said?
By the way, the time to get the link that would know how to do that : “put a static ip address in the virtual machine”.
it’s the local ip address or the public one that I have to put


Internet, Youtube, Google, Books,…
We are not here to teach you HOW to learn.

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You tried IncrediblePBX where he gives you comprehensive shell scripts to build out your system with a few commands. They also have lengthy tutorials written out on the blog so that you barely need to know anything other than how to read and enter commands into a terminal or browser.

Because you can’t/won’t even do that, they have banned you from their forums.

Please have some dignity; stop begging and spend time learning. :slight_smile:

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I ask questions that are not asked on this complete “blog” such as how to make your pbx work with a vpn

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There are 183 articles on the Nerd Vittles blog (which is primarily focused on his project IncrediblePBX) that mention VPN. I suggest starting at the most recent.


Please answer a few questions:

  1. Why do you want a PBX (phone system for your business, system for your home, lab to learn about VoIP, etc.)? I hope it’s not to build systems to sell to others; I’d sure hate to be your customer.

  2. What endpoints will you be using (IP phones, ATAs, softphones, mobile SIP apps)?

  3. Why do you feel that a VPN is somehow an important ingredient? Calls can be encrypted with TLS and SRTP, and will be in the clear between your trunking provider and the remote end anyhow.

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Because he wants to spoof his Caller ID to make it look like its coming from someone else. Hes stated this in all his million posts… I would say its for questionable purposes if not completely illegal…Hence why hes been banned and keeps coming back under different usernames…

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I am not an expert in caller id even less in all that is PBX ^^ but I believe that it is necessary that the supplier authorizes this kind of thing thus the modification of the caller id…
And my SIP provider is french so I doubt I can do that

(Yoann B) #50

1 - Not at all, it’s for personal use, I don’t know much about it so …

2 - i wang to use à softphone (Linphone)

3 - I don’t know I just want to be “secure” I don’t know anything about TLS, etc

On the other hand my vpn I trust it a lot

Here are my answers, hoping they answered your questions

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I would note that so far, and I’m talking to all of you, you are plainly not “interested in the information” at all. You just want someone else to do your homework for you.

Please come to terms with that and take a long vacation to do some research yourselves .
Everyone else here who you continue to try to milk has done that, now it’s your turn.

(Obviously not so cordially)

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You still didn’t answer the question.

What are you trying to achieve with your PBX? Elaborate on “for personal use”… You might not even need a PBX and sure not a VPN.

(Yoann B) #54

I don’t know much about this subject but apart from calling I don’t really see why I would need a PBX and as far as the vpn is concerned I’ve already explained it above, I don’t necessarily need it but I prefer to have it when I’m using my ip address

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You can do so fun any mobile phone. No PBX needed for that technology…

VPN won’t always hide malicious work.

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As stated above, then just buy a cell phone.

(Yoann B) #59

seriously thank you for your great advice but just a confirmation that what I quoted above is good would be enough for me

(Defcomllc) #60

It’s good