Why I can’t link Linphone with my PBX?

Hello, I need help to know how to separate the TLS port and the SIP port (5060) because I can’t connect my softphone (Linphone) and freepbx, and according to someone the problem comes from there.

I need all the help I can get (with as much detail as possible on how to do it)

Have a nice day

Go to Asterisk SIP Settings then the PJSIP tab…scroll to.bottom will tell you your UDP and TCP bind ports.

May we ask you @yoannB how many times in the last six weeks you have registered here for these fora under another moniker ?

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Hello, I checked and in “ (udp)” and “Port to Listen On” it says 5061, I don’t know anything about it but isn’t it supposed to be 5060 for UDP?

For all the people watching this post could someone tell me if my configuration has a problem if so which one (I just want to call I’m not trying to be complicated) :


More details : my PBX is on virtualbox under Ubuntu 20.04 and my softphone (Linphone) is in my “real” computer under windows 10

Read the wiki on how to setup a FreePBX box. You have some reading to do

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. . .You have some reading to do . . .

That has been suggested from day one to everyone of you, be that half a dozen alter-egos or just one persona .


You have chosen a complex setup, not suitable for a beginner. Please create a new VM and install the official FreePBX Distro by downloading the ISO file and mounting it in VirtualBox. The Distro is a complete system, including SNG7, an OS based on RHEL.

After the initial installation phase where files are copied to disk and a reboot is requested, dismount the ISO before rebooting, so it boots from the newly installed OS.

Also, make sure to use Bridged Networking in VirtualBox.

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I haven’t installed the “official” version, I have IncrediblePBX so I guess it’s the same as Freepbx distro at least for what I want to do that is to call

You post in the wrong forum, and your ‘guessing’ is exactly what has wasted six weeks of your time and cluttered these boards with nonsense , but you know all that. “All of you” have all been given exactly the same advice there too.

SO, if you don’t know what you are doing, please

A) don’t do that, and
B) just listen to folks that do

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Thank you for your advice but I think I’ve passed the hardest part, the only thing I have to do is to connect Linphone to my PBX

You are right dicko and that’s why I will choose … the B

I guess I passed the hardest part so as mentioned above I just have to connect the pbx and the softphone and it’s good.

Then you’re good

oh thank you but you wouldn’t know how to solve this last problem?

What problem? You said you had it all worked out.

Unfortunately, I still can’t link Linphone with freepbx and moreover I don’t even know where exactly the problem comes from (so I can’t even do a precise search)

I don’t think you have passed the hardest part, a SIP connection doesn’t mean everything is working.

If you’re new to VOIP and SIP Stuff take some reading about the basics before starting.

create a registration in your Linphone as Server your PBX IP, as Port 5061, Protocol UDP and your credentials

You should again, read the Wiki…all is covered on how to connect phones/softphones internally and externally.

Yes I can read well, could you just tell me which chapter deals with the subject of connectivity between Freepbx and a softphone please