Why Extensions gets unregistered after 1 to 2 days of working well

This is what i am facing. suddenly all extensions get unregistered. This usually happens ( I think) when IP of my isp get changed. This IP is not public. sometime this problem fixed when i restart the freepbx firewall and sometimes it takes hours and get resolved it self. This is not reliable and how i can able to fix? also i found out this message in firewall settings


As per my understanding once and endpoint registered through the responsive firewall then it should not have problem. but here you see it shows no end point registered even though it was working till last hour.

Are your extensions registering to your domain name?

If so, do you update the IP address that DNS will resolve your domain name in a timely fashion?

If so , what is the TTL of your domain name record as per your name server?

Use dig against major DNS servers like cloudflare or google to resolve records at any point in time

Yes extension registeres to domain name. But server IP is static.

sip end point error message : 23:05:26.7 Proxy slot #0 () - Failed to register! error-code: 408, msg: ‘Request Timeout’

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