Who's the dev that put the portal song lyrics in FreePBX?

I’m not even angry.

Also, now I want cake.

What are you talking about?

In the sysadmin module, the update script uses the lyrics of the portal end credits song “Still Alive” as a way to see if the script is…well…still alive.

I was updating a system for a client using this script and saw “This cake is so delicious and moist” and chuckled. Then more parts of the song started showing up and my girlfriend and I had a good laugh about it :slight_smile:

Do you have a screenshot showing this?

No, didn’t think to take one.

function: check_process_running
Line 262 defines array $q with parts of the lyrics (including “I’m not even angry”, hence the first post :stuck_out_tongue:)

It’s not generally user-facing since this update script is what sysadmin uses to auto-update the system. However, this particular machine was having issues updating, so I went into cron to find out what command was being run, then ran that command, and got some errors. Fixed the errors it was giving me (an external repo had been added to the box) and then ran it again, and much to my delight, was presented with these lyrics.


gotta love the sense of humour of some devs. was reading through some code we had for audit from some latino coders (i’m guessing latino based on their grammatical errors, suggesting spanish as a first language) apparently located in USA, there was swear words everywhere. just like some American comedy show.

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