Which SIP client

may you advise me which SIP clients are good? I am using different systems - primary Linux and iPhone, but also Windows, Android and very occasionally MacOS. I have tried several clients and Linphone works only on Android. On iPhone calls are just getting rejected, on Linux it was not working at all. On Linux Blink was quite nice, but finally I ended up with Zoiper. I have tested it on Linux, iPhone and android and it is working great. However, it is not opensource and free.

I am using RasPBX as a server.

So in short - which PJSIP clients are recommended for all mentioned operating systems (Linux, Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android)? I am specifically interested in opensource clients.

Many thanks for your ideas and thoughts.

I’m not aware of any solid OSS clients for iOS/Android.

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Do you want to use TLS and SRTP?


I mean, you can suggest me:
a) good closed source clients (especially, if they are not expensive)
b) good open source clients with TLS/SRTP/ZRTP, etc…
c) open source clients without TLS/SRTP/ZRTP support.

I just would like to hear your experience. Because I have tries several apps for Linux and some just dont’t work at all.

Groundwire (Android): Really nice. Supports TLS, SRTP and Push, but if you want to use a self-signed certificate, it’s not working well. Expensive.

Baresip+ (Android): Awesome if you don’t need a good UI. Supports TLS and SRTP, you can import your certificate, but the UI is just the worst I have ever seen. FOSS if I’m not wrong.

Zoiper (Android): Nice. Supports TLS, SRTP and Push, but no way to import your own certificate. Expensive.

Sipnetic (Android): Looking great, supports TLS and SRTP and even Push. BUT: It’s not validating the server when using TLS, so I would advise to not use it!

Linphone (Android): Was never really able to make it work with TLS and SRTP, but the UI is looking very nice.

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I find that surprising. I would expect limited features, and possibly things like broken re-INVITEs, rather than total failures.

I assume that PJSIP client means a soft phone that works with Asterisk when Asterisk is using chan_pjsip, rather than a pure SIP client based on PSJIP, itself.

I’d suggest providing logging, including pjsip set logger on output, for one of your failed “clients”, along with the pjsip configuration in Asterisk. We can probably work out what you have set up incorrectly.

If you want something tightly integrated you may want to consider something like Clearly Anywhere

Which does desktop, Android and iOS.

Also Sangoma connect

Does Android and iOS, my understanding is a desktop client is in progress.

I am using the following Clients

Android: Groundwire. Nice feature support and Android dailer integration
Windows: PhoneSuite. Very feature rich, especially with the CTI-Server integration, at the moment not TLS or any other encryption support. The features are comparable to Estos Procall

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