Where are settings for Sangona Phone Dekstop on Mac

I have Sangoma phone on Mac, release 3.9.2 (or any other really).

Install the package.
Launch the app.
Put in the info.
It goes to trying, forever, never times out, fails, or logs in. I assume because of a typo or something.
Quit the app.
Remove the app by deleting it from “Applications”.
Install the package again.
Launch the package.

It immediately goes to trying, without letting anyone enter the credentials again.

So where did this information get stored? Since it seems to not be in the package directory, as it is retained after a deletion.

Between your post and this one Sangoma Phone Desktop Client - Error 16.0.40 - #2 by dobrosavljevic I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anything be posted here more timely or relevant to me right now.

~/Library/Application Support/Sangoma Phone

Delete that folder to clear settings (and data).


Thanks for this. It has to be something wierd just for this user as everyone else is working just fine.

Working in Windows or is it doing the same in Windows as well?

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