Sangoma Phone Desktop Client - Error 16.0.40

Hi all!

Please see attached screenshot of error.

I just upgraded to V16 and set up Sangoma Phone with this guide:

How to Setup Sangoma Phone Desktop on the PBX

Everything went well, no issues with following the guide.

I downloaded and installed Sangoma Phone Desktop application for Windows and signed in with my extension 100 and password. Once signed in I get this screen. Nothing shows up on Google or this forum for “error 16.0.40”.

I have no idea where to start looking. Any ideas?

I can confirm that I am running into this same issue on one of our extensions and don’t have a solution for this yet either. Is this on a Mac?

This is on a PC running Windows 11.

My colleague is running it on a Mac and he doesn’t get this error but he is unable to dial out - it doesn’t even attempt to dial, there is no error on the screen or audio from the headset when trying to dial, it just quickly (less than half a second) ends the call and returns to the dialler.

We’ve had to delete the user from User Manager and recreate it and associate it with the extension again to get it to work properly.

Word of caution, all associated user settings (ie. UCP and contact info in Contact Manager) would need to be recreated when you do this.

I couldn’t log out because all options were greyed out except for exit. I had to uninstall and reinstall the app just to be able to log in again with a different extension.

I logged in as a different extension and I don’t see the error but I can’t dial out. When dialling another extension, I hear the dialling sound for half a second then it stops. No error, no asterisk voice, nothing.

Please help!

Does it work ok from a different computer?

Nope. We’re having the same issues on all computers.

As mentioned previously. We got past this issue by deleting the user in User Manager and recreating and attach it back to the extension.

Thanks Igor. Sorry I forgot to mention what else we tried.

We deleted the user and recreated it. Tried different users. Reset user passwords, but still almost same issue - we don’t see that error any more but now it won’t dial out. It dials for a split second then stops. It’s not an outbound route issue because it’s an extension that already has a working desk phone and sangoma Talk on mobile.

We have 3 users wanting to use it - 1 is on a mac and his works fine after a few strange issues (it didn’t initially but it randomly started working), the other 2 are PC users.

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