When putting someone on hold get an error "call transaction doesnt exist"

New asterisk 13.19.1 install
The PBX is in vultr, the phones are registered via STUN.
When the user an inbound call on hold, they get an error that the “call transaction doesnt exist”.
I factory restored the phone, but it didnt help. The phone is a yealink.
The logs dont show anything.

Thank you

STUN is generally not a good idea and IMO should be a measure of last resort. If a STUN server has problems, your system stops working, you don’t know why, you can’t get any support and the only ‘fix’ is to use a different STUN server.

Try setting NAT to Disabled in the phone and setting nat=yes for the extension. Also, set Server Expires to a short value, e.g. 120 and make sure that qualify=yes for the extension. If you still have trouble, post a log of a failing call, as well as details about the firewall at the phone’s location.

No, it is not new. What are you even doing?

You cannot go off the Asterisk release list unless they did a manual install. The ISO and the repos for the distro are not current to that list. I’m guessing this is the version that is in the ISO.

Your PBX is on a public IP address. What is the point of STUN? Your local devices will traverse the local router with zero issues on most routers.

You more than likely have your PBX misconfigured.

No, he clearly stated he installed Asterisk, not the FreePBX distro.

Of course, we both know that is not likely what he did. But it is what he said. See recent posts about post quality.

I installed the FreePBX distro.
This is the same configuration that I have a few other servers without any issues. Without stun the phones dont work by other servers

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