When Internet bandwidth is little, how to control better

Sometimes I can make switchboards with 30 or 40 interiors and the band is a bit in some areas …

Obviously I work on codecs and where I need more adsl together

But it’s important to control traffic, today I use iptraf and I find it easy

But in other areas I have tried bwm-ng only that it seems that freepbx repositories do not expect it …

Is there a way to solve it?

Or are there better or alternative assets to monitor freepbx traffic?

We use firewalls which can make sip traffic to priority one (Zyxel USG)

The other way we also do sometimes is to use a own cheap DSL Line only for VOIP. So the PBX has its own DSL Line with the complete Bandwith control.

Best performance is when you have Trunk and DSL Line from the Same Provider.