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What would you like to see added in FreePBX 15?

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Never had that problem in 10 years, thanks for the heads up though.

(Tony Lewis) #186

Ya we just discovered it ourselves and it’s something in Asterisk 13 we are seeing. Never saw it in Asterisk 11. We had 3 devs dig into it including Asterisk devs. The packet captures from asterisk clearly show randomly it just defaults to the static IP of the interface and ignores the IP that it was bound to which happens to be a floating IP.

(Rob Thomas) #187

Yes it does. What makes you think it doesn’t? Just remember to enable binding of the interface in PJSIP by turning on Advanced Settings


With PJSIP extensions and High Availabilty, From, Via and Contact headers don't contain floating IP

Maybe not for you but for Digium to consider: I would find a list of won’t-fix bugs in chan_sip to be a compelling motivator to switch to pjsip. As it is, I’m still kind of unmoved.

(Avayax) #189

The FreePBX wiki says HA doesn’t work with PJSIP:



(Tony Lewis) #190

Someone forgot to update wiki. Rob can go fix that.

(Rob Thomas) #191

I’ll try to get that fixed today 8)

(Andrew Nagy) #192

As others have said here this is something we aren’t going to budge on. Mainly because chan_sip is not even supported for security issues. You are on your own with chan_sip.

(Itzik) #193

Supporting Device & User mode. Please.

(ADTopkek) #194

I think that has been happening to us for a while now. People were making international calls and the only thing happening was random lost packet errors at 4am then BOOM international call and this was on a server with no phones connected to it, it just had a dial plan. Had to implement other layers of protection against that.

Switching to PJSIP solves it. We have a long term plan of switching to PJSIP after some testing.

(Andrew Nagy) #195

We do support Device and User mode, just not for commercial modules, so Zulu and Endpoint are the only ones I can think of. Can we not get into this debate again. Thanks.

(Itzik) #196

I had to look up old topics to find out what debate you are talking about, sorry, i did not mean to bring this up…

Just the red banner displayed when you enter the device or user section makes it sound like “you are about to do something that can destroy your system” Which is why i suggested that it shouldn’t be that way. -->

<–…So thanks for clarifying this.
Sorry again…

(Andrew Nagy) #197

Because you can mess up your system if you dont know how user and device mode works with extension mode. So the message is valid.

(Kieran Barker) #198

Multi-tennant or Being able to set specific ‘VIsible extension range’


Things I would like to see in 15:

  1. Expand the capability of Zulu to be able to see if users are on or off the phone and see who they are talking with, if it is an inbound call or outbound call they are on and how long they have been on that call (As an example like ShoreTel’s Communicator)
  2. Expand the capability of Zulu to automatically import Outlook contacts on boot up.
  3. Be able to add a forced billing code on an inbound call.
  4. Add a password to Visual Voice Mail. The way it is today any one can walk up to any phone and listen to voicemails, change passwords etc.
  5. Add soft key functionality so while listening to a voicemail it can be paused, rewind or fast forward.
  6. Have a template/s for UCP that can be pushed out so users don’t have to worry about this.
  7. When Ad-hoc recording have the key turn red so the user is aware the recording is taking place. Then while recording should be able to use soft keys to pause/resume/stop recording
  8. Have a setting where the display reverts to page 1 after x seconds of inactivity
  9. When using intercom have the word Intercom appear on the display vs *80
  10. When doing an ad-hoc conference have a view soft key that shows all participants
  11. Enhance the Call Center with functionality like QueueMetrics has.

Some of these may seem insignificant but it is all about the user experience and these things help make a happy customer = referrals and more business for all.

(James Zhu) #200

add UniMRCP to support MRCP module .

(Kurosen) #201

This will probably be lost in the mix, but one of the most important administrative components I have is the FXO line monitor I used to have in Elastix as seen here: - as far as I know, this no longer exists in the current version of FreePBX. Can we please get this back?

EDIT: Fixed link


A more intuitive way to deal with shared voice mailboxes (multiple extensions, one mailbox).

Better shared voicemail integration with Sangoma phones. The vm MWI works with shared voicemail boxes by adding the vm box to the extension, but if I push the dedicated VM button it does not work.

(ADTopkek) #203

This isn’t really a request but I can see certain people really liking Zulu. Been trying it and it has potential.

(Bryan Walters) #204

Glad people are liking the redesign.