What would the the accepted method for setting working hours and holidays?

what is the go-to method for setting working hours and holiday time for incoming trunk calls?

What i did is have two time groups, one for holidays and another for working works so it is like this:

Incoming Rule 1 -> Is holiday? no-> Is working hours?-> Yes -> IVR for working hours.

But the problem is that i have 6 incoming rules and 5 diferent destinations… so that i need to create 12 time groups? The main problem is here is setting up the holidays days, when i do that i need to do it 5 times… And here we have far more holidays than in US so thats a lot of work.

There’s really no single “goto” way to do this. There are a few ways to do this now.

  • You can use Calendar interaction and use the one calendar for all of your time conditions.

  • If you want to go nuts, you can just use one time condition that identifies all of your “closed” times (holidays, mornings, nights) in one place and use that for all of your time groups. (or did I get those backwards - don’t laugh, someday you’ll be old too).

About 6 months ago, someone else asked pretty much the same question (actually someone asks this exact same question every couple of weeks…) and someone else came up with an inbound context that looked at some condition (remember, I’m old) and then routed the call to Voicemail or to the original Inbound Context.

So, there are a few possible ways to do this.

Off the top of my head and strictly from the GUI, I think something like this might work:

  1. Set up a custom destination that send your call to “from-pstn,s,1” and give it a name. You might need to double-check that context name.
  2. Set up your inbound time condition, positive or negative.
  3. If the condition is true (for example) send the call to your custom destination.
  4. If the condition is not true (for example) send the call to voicemail.

This way, all of your calls end up in a single VM box (or IVR, or whatever) and anything during the day goes direct to wherever the inbound DID points to (or appears to point to).

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