What is the Best Solution for Call Reporting?

Just like with the cudatel box we had before it seems call numbers are schewed by using ques and so on. I have a polycom phone that shows 400 calls in a day went to it but that can’t be right. It has to be bouncing around a que or something.
The problem: We need to be able to know what is happening on the phone system, if our employees are answering the phone properly, and what exactly is happening to calls as they go through the system so that we can tweak the setting and make adjustments and document when employees aren’t answering the phone.
How are we set up: We use IVR’s and a single QUEUE. There are 4 or 5 static queue agents and a couple of dynamic agents. For failover it goes to ext 106 which is setup to not ring but go directly to voicemail in which all agents receive the voicemail through email and return the call. Pretty simple. We use polycom phones from our last cudatel system.

I need a reporting mechanism that will give me accurate numbers for:
Total Incoming Calls for the Day
How many of those were answered?
Which user/extension answered each one?
How many were not answered?
How long did it take before it was answered?
We use an automated attendant - How many of each selection was made that day?
And it would be good to be able to do a date range as well.
We would also like to easily be able to “follow” a call and see everything that happened to it as it came it and went through the system until it was answered, transferred to voicemail, or they hung up.

We don’t mind buying a module if it gives us what we need.

call reporting module does a pretty decent job of queue reporting

Would there be anywhere I can see what this reporting looks like?

I think the wiki has a sales slick on the module. you might also ask Sangoma if they offer a trial version.

+1 for the built in Queue Pro module.


Asternic is also very nice. They have a demo you can try on the site.

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