What are the FREEpbx hardware requirements?

Hello i was wondering what is a starting point for hardware on the Freepbx software? I been looking around and they are all over the place. Some say can use a single atom core with 512mb of memory and a 60gb Hard drive and up to a 12 core system with 16gb of memory 2 or 4 terabyte of hard drive space?

For your systems the first option is more than enough.


Hello dicko thank you. I’m guessing my server is more then enough it’s a dual core 2.4ghz with 2gb of memory and 2 of 60gb SSD in Raid 1 should be more then enought. We have 10 phones here but will be adding 2 more.

An oldie but goldie:-


many do more than that on a Raspberry PI 3

Actually that is pretty cool wow brings back some old memories of my P2 days :slight_smile: looks like from what I’m reading now the server i bought will do the trick thank you for that.

I haven’t gotten into Raspberry pi stuff to much yet. Maybe looking into the future on it. A friend of mine i just became friends with recently is using a raspberry pi for his Phone PBX stuff that is how i got into Freepbx my self is through him. But sense he is always on the road a lot it is hard to get a hold of him for Questions. So he told me to come here. Some great people and best help on earth.

So again thank you Dicko for the help once again you are bang on the mark as they say hehe

I know Raspberry Pi 3 are great for things like this. But what about over time. Say 6 or 8 months down the road. Would it even last that long? unlike a desktop server that is made to stand the long times of being online. I’m not sure about the Raspberry pi. Okay yes desktops and computer can brake down of course But they are build for the use or heavy use of something like Freepbx and being a phone system. So back to my question would a raspberry pi work for the long haul?

The trouble with raspberry’s is their memory, great for hobbyists but the memory card WILL eventually die, some use a more robust disk on a usb port. But it speaks for what people have proven on a 1.2GHz 1GB ARM based machine can do.

I have a class 10 card. I notice on some of my Class 4 or Class 6 cards they die out big time. Or get very very slow within 6 to 8 months. But on my PNY class 10 cards i haven’t had one problems yet for dying out or getting slow within the same time frame.

I have a Raspberry pi 2 with 32gb class 10 SD card maybe i can give that a try and test it out on freepbx.

Well i looked more and more into and Raspberry pi looks awesome for freepbx but i wonder how many phones can it handle let along voice mail on it.

You can expect 20 to 30 calls. Keep in mind that ras3 has cpu overheat issues. If you are going to use be sure to cool it down. Ras also cannot be turned on without power cycling the device. If for some reason the power goes down then the device will be off until someone power cycles it. Also anything lower than class 10 sd cards will have problems. Finally consider using an Atom board, it has low tdp and you avoid all the bottlenecks that ras have.

Thank you Astbox. I was just curious about Raspberry pi on freepbx i have actually tested it out. Well it is a pretty cool device that will work small form factor great maybe for small business like 4 to 6 phones. Not for me for the long run. Thank you for the information.

Well I remembered that couple days ago I have shuted down my raspberry pi 3 and today that I checked it, it was burning hot. Testing how a fan can affect the temps of the board I saw a significant drop of 20 celcius degrees but when I issued a shutdown -h now, the unit “shuted down” but the fan was still spinning, so I am guessing that power is feeded to the board even if it doesn’t work.

I did some test one time. Even if you give the shutdown command on the raspberry pi it doesn’t shut down the board completely i notice that too. Seems to only shut down the processor in someway. But looking more at it I notice that somehow the processor still powered up in someway. And still feeds power I’m not sure how or why. But i found something online Raspberry pi power switch SO i bought one i been using it. Well not this one i found another smaller one does the same trick. Maybe this can help you too.

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The hardware specs which you have mentioned are pretty much enough to run freepbx, make sure you system has latest windows operating system installed.

Huh? FreePBX has nothing to do with Windows. It’s possible to run it under Hyper-V in Win 10 Pro or Windows Server, but that would only be recommended in unusual circumstances.

Running it in a Linux-based VM or on physical hardware is generally easier to set up and more stable.

I’m as much of a Raspberry Pi fan as the next guy but here’s why you may want to run on x86 - x64 cpu - If you want commercial modules installed on your FreePBX system you have to use an Intel CPU. They use zend php software for the commercial modules that is only released (so far) for Intel.

Just a head’s up.