Web Interface not working after upgrading PHP to 5.3

Hi Everyone,

I have FreePBX 11 installed on a CentOS 5.10 and all working fine. I want to upgrade to FreePBX 12 but the FreePBX Upgrader module tells me i have PHP 5.2.10 and 5.3+ is required.

So I upgraded PHP to 5.3.20 and restarted the web server, all went fine but the FreePBX web interface does not work anymore: after I login I get to the Status page but just text and looks quite bad, anything I click on the menus takes me back to the login page and after logging in again I’m back at the bad status page…

Has anyone experience such problem or have any idea of what can I do to fix it?



amportal chown

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Thanks Dave for the confirmation, I’ll wait for the guys to fix it…

One last question, with every upgrade all my modules were normally upgraded to a version that matches the same mayor release (2.11.x for example), but with 12 I see that a lot of my modules remain on 2.11.x and no upgrade is available… is this ok? or does that mean does modules are no longer supported and will not be upgraded?

As previously stated in other threads modules that work on 2.11+ (so 2.11 AND 12) are staying on/with their old version numbers

No. Not at all.

To expand on @tm1000’s comment, it’s more of an ‘internal’ versioning now.

If the module doesn’t REQUIRE a higher version, it’ll stay on the lowest supported version. For example, the ‘javassh’ module will work on 2.11, 12 and 13. There’s no need for us to start tracking a new version, so we won’t.

We’re allowed to be lazy, you know! :sunglasses:

The only modules that aren’t going to be upgraded are known broken (or wildly out of date) modules - such as ARI, which has been replaced with UCP, which everyone can agree is MUCH superior!


Thanks a lot Andrew and Rob for the help and explanation.

Finished upgrading all modules without problems and all running fine!