We used to have a Free and Open Source project

Asterisk 1.2. Life was good. Stuff WORKED. I added Trixbox to make dialplans a little easier. Life was great. Then, Trixbox disappeared.

Slowly but surely, the creeping capitalism infected the project like a cancer and now we have this Zend crap in our systems preventing us from using OUR OWN servers IN OUR OWN HOUSES!

It happened so slowly I didn’t notice it.

FreePBX doesn’t require zend at all.

We have also worked hard to optimize for low end platforms like the raspberrypi (which doesn’t support zend) that can be run I’m your house … Or your car… Or your bicycle.

Then why can’t I renew my Letsencrypt certificate?
The logs are pointing to it not being “activated”.

And this is an existing system, that was previously activated and was restored from a backup.

Trixbox didn’t have any form of ssl management

FreePBX GUI is 100% open source. Always has been and always will be. We do big fixes and features in FreePBX every single day. We do new major releases close to yearly.

Zend gets included in the FreePBX Distro not in FreePBX GUI. The FreePBX Distro is a full ISO that includes both open source FreePBX GUI along with optional commercial modules you can choose if you want to license. Nothing forces you to use the FreePBX Distro you can download FreePBX GUI and install like you could the last 14 years. Or you can install our easy to use ISO.

In the end people need to put food on the table for their family and support the economy. They can’t do this if everything is 100% free. Their is a reason why FreePBX still exist when your Elatoxs and Trixbox of the world have all folded. You need a healthy mix of revenue to keep supporting a project of this size.


You are talking around the issue.
I didn’t say I didn’t want to support developers. I’m a developer.

I’ll say it very clearly right now.
I’ve working in engineering for over 35 years now.

EVERY SINGLE TIME there is a project that involves licensing software, it is a DISASTER. It breaks for the user. It’s a support nightmare for the company. It’s ALL bad. There is nothing good from it. It is wrong, it is evil. Stop doing that.

15 years ago I swore I would never have anything to do with anything that involved licensing. I got rid of every bit of software that works that way (see EA games). Even hardware like bluray players went on a burn pile in my back yard.

Now, somehow, this got by me. And I’ve wasted 3 days of my life trying to get this FreePBX installation to work, and I have other things I need to be doing.

This thread is in response to another thread

I wish you would have mentioned that.

Your issues in your other thread seem to come from the fact that you cross version restored. You spun up a new 14 machine and restored an old version on top of that.

Furthermore you need to activate (not purchase! Activation is free) in the distro to have the ability to select https certificates for apache. You can do this manually though.

I cant see commercial creep here because the ability to assign certificates to apache always required activation (which is free) and again you can do it yourself manually if you so desire, through certbot

To modify apache as the asterisk user we need to use a tools called incron. This is a security measure. If we modified everything root can modify as the asterisk user your system would be insecure. Because of the incron requirement it requires sysadmin

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To each your own. Since your a developer you can start your own OSS project and figure out how to feed your family and employ staff and grow without using the model we have decided to use.

You seem to ignore the difference in FreePBX GUI Project which is 100% free and open source and the FreePBX Distro which is not but includes the FreePBX GUI. Let’s keep to the facts here.

I did restore to exactly the same version.
In fact, I updated every module to exactly the same version before restoring the FreePBX data.

I understand that activation is free.

What happens in the future when you guys go out of business? (no offense, but it happens).
Then we are all dead in the water?

Already did that.

If this far reaching event happens. The project is open source. You can take the code from github and continue to develop it yourself.

I see some of the issues you had are undefined that normally happens when javascript is processing Ajax and you navigate away

Ok that’s right you did.

But you backed up on a system with a corrupt hard disk. Don’t you think that corruption would come with you to the new system? If any files were corrupt they would be corrupt on the new system as well