We have not received a valid response please try again

The IVR DTMF Options have enable the direct dial, but after press the extension number will hear the voice:we have not received a valid response please try again

please check the dtmf setting.

After you get this message does it work when you enter it again?

NO, I still can not dial other through the number after press others extension:sob:

The DTMF setting is default. I just want call others extension with external number and enable the Enable Direct Dial option.

What is your “default”?
Also, does the IVR options work?

Enable Direct Dial Enable
Timeout 10
Alert Info None
Ringer Volume Override None
Invalid Retries 3
Invalid Retry Recording Default
Append Announcement to Invalid No
Return on Invalid No
Invalid Recording Default
Invalid Destination Extensions 8702
Timeout Retries 10
Timeout Retry Recording Default
Append Announcement on Timeout No
Return on Timeout No
Timeout Recording Default
Timeout Destination Extensions 8702
Return to IVR after VM No

Digits Destination

0 8702

This is not your DTMF settings, this is your IVR config.

what about this?

Another question, when you call the IVR internally does it work properly?

I’m sorry,The problem is caused by another equipment(DTMF interdigit pause value)from PSTB to IVR.

It has been solved, Thanks a lot!

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