Warm Spare Requirements

Hi everyone currently I am running 2 virtual servers with PBX Version: || PBX Distro:12.7.8-2203-1.sng7 || Asterisk Version: 16.24.0.
My quick clarification is what do I need to achieve master/slave scenario where the slave server automatically captures any changes done to the master server?
Or better yet what are the requirements for running WARM SPARE?
Do i need to purchase something to achieve this or is there a HA module I can use to achieve replication and avoid any down time in case one server fails?

You probably want to look into the Advanced Recovery module (which would include automatic fail over in case of the primary instance dying). However it syncs between systems on a schedule.

Warm spares are included in the system and also include syncing based on a schedule but require manual intervention when a system fails.

That is not to say that certain things using Advanced Recovery also don’t require some manual intervention. You’ll just have to read up on what they do and don’t do.

You should be able to find requirements and configuration examples on the wiki.


if your sip devices do support
SRV records
you can create SRV record for 2 servers
and setup Warm Spare server as a second one
in case of first server goes offline
everyone will connect to the second server because of SRV priority
and no. manual work needed

Thanks Igor I will check on this.

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