Warm Spare 15 deletes trunks and outbound routes on warm spare machine

I have setup two version servers with Asterisk 16.15.1 running. The Backup and Restore module is I have created per the documentation all of the setups for warm spare operation. Regardless of how I set “Disable Trunks” and “Exclude Trunks” in the backup, the trunks and outbound routes are deleted on the warm spare. It appears that other than the trunks and routes, everything else is working as expected. Does anyone have any information on how to not have the trunks and outbound routes deleted when this is run. Also, this triggers a firewall setup wizard on the Warm Spare each time it runs.

Thanks for any assistance

I can confirm this behavior. I have a warm spare setup and this has been happening as well. Was also testing Advanced Recovery so wasn’t sure which was doing it at first. But it was the warm spare setup, running that destroys the trunks and outbound routes on the secondary.

Same version of Backup & Restore, this is at the moment too.

I am afraid that it is happening during the restore process. Seems like another user had this or a similar issue.

I think it’s time to file a bug report: issues.freepbx.org

I have filed a bug report: 1. FreePBX
2. FREEPBX-22393 but I also found FREEPBX-22332 which may mean that this is more than a warm spare issue, but is linked to whatever does the restore function for warm spare and regular restores. Hopefully we’ll find out more soon. Thanks for your participation on this issue.

I can confirm that my primary server is over writing my Trunks and Outbound Routes on my warm server after a backup is run.

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