Backup restore missing trunks?

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Had a VM crash over the weekend due to a hardware issue at the hosting company. Restored from backup but it didn’t restore any of the trunks. Is this normal?

Warm Spare 15 deletes trunks and outbound routes on warm spare machine
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no , its not normal if the trunks were part of the backup


didn’t think so…

How can I verify if the trunks were indeed part of the backup? I didn’t see anything overt in the backup settings that specified trunks.

(Mr Nemo 00) #4

Same problem !
also in Advanced Recovery Module. Trunks and Outbound routes are not restored !
I opened backup file .tar.gz and sip_additional.conf and sip_registrations.conf are ok in backup but not restored in new pabx !
Also Mysql tables trunks and outbound_route are empty !

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