Vultr account problems looking for new provider

as an IT consultant I started offering phone service for my clients after months of playing around with FreePBX, I created a few Vultr accounts from my office the vultr account management team saw that one IP address is creating a few accounts they told me I have duplicate accounts and no amount of explaining
helped they told me to stop doing what I’m doing so I’m looking for a quality replacement

If you are offering service, why are you making separate accounts? You would just have multiple instances under your account.

Also, are you are licensed FreePBX reseller/partner?

I don’t resell I don’t charge any monthly fees and I don’t want to be busy with people’s payments I set up the phone system for a one time fee

Then create the Vultr account from the client site. Easy.
Or use any of a million VPN serives to randomize your IP.

This is basic fraud prevention from Vultr, most places have checks like this in place.

once I created the account if I login from the freepbx side to do a configuration change or connect a softphone to make sure everything is well could that also create a problem

That is not how anything works.

I manage many systems (FreePBX and otherwise) hosted across multiple Vultr accounts. All from the comfort of my home office.

I log in to and out of multiple Vultr accounts each day. Heck my desk phone is logged into multiple FreePBX systems hosted on various Vultr accounts right now.

what can I say fraud prevention systems are unpredictable for a lot of people they work fine, but you always have a chance bumping into them one day, if they’re human staff are not interested to hear your explanation I’m really not comfortable with hosting mission-critical phone systems with them

Were you creating accounts with your referral link all from your IP?

I did not use referral codes

I guess I’m still confused as to why you couldn’t put all of the servers in one Vultr account

they don’t have separate payment methods for each instant that means I will have to pay for all my customers instances and then collect the money from my customers every month I want to set it up once for a one-time fee and use the customers card

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That makes sense.

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I could work with you as your provider if you are just doing setup. We do managed systems for businesses but could work our system to fulfill your business as well.

Are you offering VPS services for hosting freepbx

Just a quick question on this, since none of us that use Vultr have ever had this issue. Are you create multiple accounts not just under your email but with your details? Or are you making accounts that are owned by those that own the credit card you are putting on the account?

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Yes. Our servers start at $25/mo for FreePBX we also offer SIP trunking as well.

if you’ll give me a website so I can check out your specs and features and server locations I’ll take a look at it

I’m using all the information of the cardholder also it seems like their issue is more they don’t like third party payments they want me to create one big account I explained them I’m doing it almost as an employee of the company that I’m setting up the account for but they didn’t want to hear anything

We don’t post specs regularly but I’ll DM you our locations and specs.

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You’re making this sound like Vultr screwed you over somehow when they really did nothing but follow policies. They are a company that allows anyone to sign up and have a VM in minutes, so they have things in place like seeing the same IP create multiple accounts with multiple credit cards. That should raise anyone’s fraud flags for their systems.

Think about it, what would happen in you went into a store and bought a bunch of items then paid for them in batches uses various credit cards that are not yours. You think the cashier might find something fishy about that? Think your reasoning is enough to make them not cover their ass and get a manager?

The bottom line is you giving anyone another party’s credit card and they don’t take the steps to make you provide authorization from the other party means that any charges from that credit card can be easily disputed, reported as a stolen or fraud charge by the card holder, etc., etc., etc. leaving the vendor being the one that has to deal with it and then take the hit in dispute, chargeback or refund fees.