VoIP quality poor?

Dear community,

based on my first post:
-> VoIP quality poor?

i have still problems with my connection!

My setup: 1 PBX in Datacenter. Both Sites are connected with openVPN.
One Site only has one snom phone. the other site has 9 phones.

if i call to the one phone (site a), the quality is very good.
if i call to the other phones (extension directly), (site b) the quality is poor.

BUT: i have in site a 30 / 6 mbit internet connection line, with it only for the snom phones and the connection to the datacenter. no other traffic or pcs are connected to this.

i use on both sites a pfsense firewall (current version). connection to the datacenter = openVPN.
i use the pc engines devices for the pfsense plattform.

the ping from my monitoring (server sided) are between 40-50ms on each phones (site a and site b).
direct in asterisk i can see this ping times.

the internet bandwith are correct without any bw loss.

bot firewall and configs the same.

can i debug this directly with any command? if i call the site a / site b?

the next: if site a phone 1 calls phone 2 via internal extension, the same issue.
and From phone 2 to phone 1, the same poor quality.

if i call from site b with the single phone to my mobile phone, fine quality.
same from my mobile phone to site b, fine quality… only poort qulity in site a with the multiple phones.

can i do any debug command to find my problem?

the freepbx server itself and the trunk are not the problem because i have a good quality on site b.
site b is also connected to the pbx.

thank you very much

many greets

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