VoIP quality poor?

dear community,

i have installed a normal current freepbx version (free, no commercial modules).
i have 2 sites. if i call site 1 the sound quality in this call is very poor.
but in site 2 the sound quality is very good.

can it be that the PoE network switch on site 1 the problem is?

how i can debug this?

both sites are connected with openvpn to the datacenter where the freebx is located.

have snom phones on freepbx.

thank you very much.

Check your bandwidth and use traffic prioritization settings on your firewall.

One easy way to test those two issues is to call your cell phone from your VoIP phone, put it on hold so you can hear hold music from your cell phone’s speakerphone, then run multiple bandwidth tests on your computer and see if it affects the quality of the hold music you hear. This should use about 100% of your bandwidth, and if it causes the hold music to sound choppy or your call to drop entirely, you either need more bandwidth, or better, use traffic prioritization.

In my case, the audio is choppy if I use a slow ISP with a 3 Mb/s upload speed without prioritization. When I use a fast fiber connection, the audio is perfect. My firewall is great; it’s pfSense, and it has an easy wizard to configure “traffic shaping”, which ensures that VoIP traffic gets priority over all the other traffic in situations where there’s not enough bandwidth to handle everything at once.

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