Voip Innovations Module

I have installed the Voip Innovations Module and the Registration Status are all green. But when I go to the ROUTING tab it will NOT allow me to enable the Primary Gateway. Both Routes I have are greyed out. I’m also unable to make outbound calls but I receive inbound calls. Not sure if this have anything to do with the Primary gateway not being enabled. Please advise

Might (still) be a bug. I saw this last year but regrettably did not take any time to troubleshoot it.

What module version are you using? You want the most current from edge if it differs from stable.

I have version 14.0.17. If this is not the lastest, please advise where I can download it.

Does this module not work. Please advise my next step thanks.

PM Sent. Looks like a possible issue with ver. 14 of this module.


Is there another version I can install?

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