VI module questions

Working with a PBX where VoIP Innovations is to be used. We installed the VI module and entered the auth code from the backoffice portal. Seems like a nice simple way to configure VI DIDs.

I noticed this created pjsip trunks but they were not visible from the Trunks screen. Thus we could not assign VI to an Outbound Route.

So is the VI module only meant to enable incoming calls? Or did something go wrong?

Unable to figure it out, we decided to remove this configuration and go with the standard IP auth. But uninstalling and deleting the VI module doesn’t get rid of the invisible trunks. To do that I had to remove them from the database.

Can’t figure out what went wrong here, if anything. If this module is meant for inbound only that seems weird to install the module and then have to configure another trunk for term.

Seems a new feature that was added earlier this year. Ability to hide trunks from people seeing the trunks. FREEI-3010 Added hidding of trunks on core destinations when routedis… · FreePBX/[email protected] · GitHub

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