Voicemail Transcription on IBM - script update(s)


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The sendmail-bluemix script that’s been floating around had worked great for a couple years. Alas, IBM is changing their api’s URL structure. Based on the docs, I’ve tried every variation I could think of for the URL, but it still delivers a voicemail email w/o transcription.

For the heck of it, I’ve opened a ticket with IBM, but wanted to post here as well to see if anyone’s run into this and already updated the script to work again.

Here was the notification from IBM:
There are API calls still being made to some of your Watson instance(s) on the old URL . In the week prior to 2021-04-29 your IBM Cloud account: with the email [] made a total of 17 calls into Speech to Text in the following data center(s): (us-east).

To avoid any interruption in service please update your code to use the new api.{location}.{offering}.watson.cloud.ibm.com URL for all your Watson instances. For additional details on how to find and update the URL , please checkout our [Docs]

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I maintain a script here which I believe has been updated to the new URL format, can you confirm


I just found your thread from 2020. :slight_smile:

And yes, it works perfectly. Thank you.

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