Voicemail not sending to email

i hope im doing this right. we have been uysing freepbx for sometime but two weeks ago i upgraded our network. i added a new server and the upgrade changed the IP ranges and the dns name. i was able to get it to change the ip and and phone are working but the system wont send voicemails to email like it did before. i have looked everywhere and i cant seem to find the issue.
please help???

take a look at /var/log/maillog to see what is going on.

Forgive me. I d9nt know much and the program as i didn’t set it up. Can you tell me how to check that?

Log into the console on the server as ‘root’.

Use the command “cd /var/log/” to go to the log directory. Use “more maillog” to look through the mail log file. This will tell you what the sending error is. It could be any one of a dozen or more problems, so you might need to google some of the errors you find to see how to solve them. There are many, many variables, so we’re not going to be able to tell you specifically how to solve this problem. It could be anywhere from a misconfiguration on the server to the mail server rejecting the mail, to a user ID/password problem. You won’t know till you get in there.

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here is what i have found but still cant fix a fix.
my old domain was sfxphx . local. the new is sfxphx. org
the asterisk is using the old and the postfix is timing out.
and ideas?

What kind of mail server are you using? Chances are, the phone server doesn’t have permission to send mail through the mail server now. Is the mail server locked down to only allow certain IP addresses to send mail? Did DNS servers change? Are you pointing at the mail server by name or IP address? This, most likely, has nothing at all to do with Freepbx, but is more likely an IP address / DNS problem.

hello, thanks for replying. yes my DNS changes. we use google for education for a mail. its not part of the new server i installed. as far as that part the email is the same as it was before the change.
how do i change the mail server name or IP if that has something to do with it? like i said from what i can tell it might be trying to us the old domain name and not the new one. when i go to the freepbx web access i cant find anything to change it. i know very little about the physical server commands. i think i might have something to do with smtp setting but not sure. can you help me with the commands to change it?
here are a few pics of the errors. my old domain was sfxphx.local and my new is sfxphx.org

Here’s a good tutorial on Postfix setup / config:

I kinda doubt the domain name matters much, but something in the main.cf file might be wrong, following the network changes that you made. It could also be firewall related if you’ve changed your IP address scheme.

im not sure what i did but its working now. thanks

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