Voicemail not appearing in UCP

Previously I was able to access voicemail within the UCP, however it now does not display. Have recently upgraded to V13, so I assume it occurred after this. Have seen some other posts with the same issue, but didn’t seem to find a solution! :slight_smile:

No one? …

Have you re-enabled the voicemail features for the ucp user in user managment?

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No, I have not. Thank you so much!

I have the same issue. Voicemail in the user mananger > ucp is set to “Inherit”

What is is it inheriting from? If I set it to ‘yes’ it appears, but I would like to know where the inheritance is.

From the groups the user is in. Ordered by priority. The first group takes priority over the lower groups. They can be dragged and dropped around.

Under the user management module, If I go to UCP and under voicemail I select YES on every item, the voicemail comes back, but I don’t want to have to go on to each account and re-set this. This was working fine before updating Freepbx to the latest version.
So I found under the same section a Group tab, so in it there is an All User group, so gave the group YES to everything on UCP-Voicemail, but that still does not work with ‘inherited’, so I’m having to go by each extension setting it to YES instead of inherit.
Thanks for your help.

Did you add the user to the “All User” group. Did you make sure the user was actually added to this group. It’s not an automated process.

Thanks TM1000. I did Check, and all users are there, and also it says there that automatically all users are added to this group by default.
Not sure if I need to remove and re-add them, will try that later.